Andrew Scrivner


Andrew Scrivner always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  He opened his first lemonade stand at the age of five then, when sales where sluggish; he raided his grandfather Heineken supply and sales that afternoon skyrocketed. 

While at the University of Utah he established his own internship at Ron Hill Imagery, which led to his first job at MTV Networks in the News and Specials department.  Andrew started out as an associate producer on The Week in Rock but quickly advanced over the next two years working on a multitude of MTV productions including Music Awards, You Wrote It, You Watch It, Live and Loud, L.L. Cool J Special, and Mt. MTV.

In 1994 Scrivner started his own production company and established himself as a freelance field producer. His clients included ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC, and MTV.  Scrivner’s skills and industry insight allowed him to develop and produce original stories from inception to completion for several different ESPN flagship programs including Sports Center and Sports Night. Scrivner eventually made his way back to Utah for the 2002 Winter Olympics where he worked for NBC during the winter games.

After completing the filming of the Olympic Games, he had a strong desire to slow down and stay in Utah. Scrivner took an opportunity to purchase a 50% interest in a bar and a second restaurant in Salt Lake City.  Always being hands-on, he managed both the back and front of the house operations, which included but was not limited to budgeting, menu planning, accounting, payroll, human resources, advertising, and overseeing 74 employees including four managers. During his leadership, sales grew from $1.8 million to just over $3.1 million in eight years.

Leaving the restaurant/bar industry behind in spring of 2011, Scrivner jumped back into the live television arena and spent the last four years in live broadcasting, commercial, and television production . Scrivner’s experience and professional repertoire makes him a tremendous professional asset to Black Bay Entertainment as he brings a much-needed wealth of knowledge in asset logistics, operations, live broadcasting, and post-production to the Black Bay Entertainment team.