Mr. Blue Sky is a touching and inspirational drama about a woman with Down syndrome starring Chaney Kley, Richard Karn and Mary Kate Shellhardt. 
An unconventional love triangle between three childhood buddies; two girls, one born with Down syndrome, and one boy, who all grow up fighting who they are inside, how they are perceived by society as a whole, and who they ultimately strive to become as individuals through the obstacles that are inherently present.
Mr. Blue Sky is a ground-breaking film that explores the romantic relationship of a woman born with Down syndrome and a "normal" male, as perceived by today's society. Mr. Blue Sky attempts to break down society's barriers, much like "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" did in the 1960's, as it aims to "change lives" through "changing minds."
Mr. Blue Sky is a heart-grabbing story that will ultimately change the way society views all people as "individuals" first and foremost.
FILMMAKERS CONTACT IN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN PRODUCTION COMING SOON WELCOME Buy the DVD Watch Trailer IMDB Page Rent on  Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky is currently being used by the White House and the Obama Administration as an educational tool to help educate Serbian leaders in the possibilities of people with Down Syndrome. Currently in the county the life expectancy of a child with Down Syndrome is only 10 years old. Official Web Site Breaking News: PAST WORK