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James McLean started his film career in 1997 in front of the camera, acting on television shows such as Clueless, Cracker and Power Rangers. But he soon became more fascinated with what goes on behind the camera. Striving for more knowledge, James attended the prestigious film school Brooks Institute of Photography, where he polished his skills by learning every aspect of filmmaking and graduated Cum Laude.
During his matriculation at Brooks James produced many award-winning short films and was selected to produce the 2005 Kodak 35mm project. A project set up by Kodak to give student filmmakers the opportunity to use cutting-edge tools, and collaborate with notable film industry professionals who served as mentors during the project.
James made his professional producing debut while still in school, with the music video Maria Jose for the Latin Grammy award-winning band Kinky.
Directly following his graduation James was asked by his alma mater to produce Brooks Institute’s 60th anniversary awards show in 2005. The gala included three live events spread over two days; a V.I.P. cocktail mixer sponsored by Samy’s Camera, a series of workshops led by industry leaders and sponsored by Eastman Kodak, which included the West Coast premier of Canon’s new XLHD Camera; and an award show with nearly 1,000 guests set in the 1940s and featuring performances by Les Brown and the Band of Renown, a Charlie Chaplin impersonator, and a South Pacific dance troop.
In 2006 James founded Black Bay Entertainment as an avenue to showcase compelling independent films and live events. Prior to founding the company, James worked as an independent producer and built his career in various positions including line producer, unit production manager and 2nd assistant director on a multitude of projects, including commercials, music videos, television, features, and print.
In 2006 James created Fox Sports Soccer Channel’s new ad campaign “What’s on your Mind?” The project included four international commercials that premiered during the 2006 World Cup. James and Black Bay Entertainment also produced the feature films "Choose Connor" & "Mr. Blue Sky" in 2006.
"Choose Connor" is a political thriller starring Steven Weber, Alex Linz, Erick Avari and Christopher Marquette, the film won Best American Independent at the Philadelphia Film Festival, as well as having sold-out screenings on a worldwide film festival circuit. Choose Connor was released theatrically in October 2008 and is now available on DVD.
"Mr. Blue Sky," now available on DVD is a touching and inspirational drama about a woman with Down syndrome starring Chaney Kley, Richard Karn and Mary Kate Shellhardt. “Mr Blue Sky” is now being used by the White House and the Obama Administration to help educate Serbian leaders in the possibilities of people with Down Syndrome, due to the fact that the current life expectancy in the county is only 10 years.
In 2007 James and Black Bay Entertainment teamed with Walter Koenig from the original Star Trek to create “InAlienable” a science fiction film straight from the mind of Walter Koenig and directed by Robert Dyke. The all-star science fiction cast included Richard Hatch, Courtney Peldon, Marina Sirtis, Erick Avari, Walter Koenig, and Alan Ruck. InAlienable is now available on DVD through Anchor Bay Entertainment.
In 2008 Black Bay Entertainment released it’s highly acclaimed award-winning documentary “The Guerrero Project”.  The documentary tells the story of the three year saga that was endured by 561 captive Africans after their slave ship Guerrero struck tragedy in 1827 when it sank off the coast of Florida during a high-speed chase through reef infested waters. The Guerrero was an important part of US history and now the documentary is being used across the country to inform and educated throughout countless museums and education institutions.
Black Bay Entertainment completed production in 2009 on it’s latest picture, a romantic teenage comedy entitled “Getting that Girl”. Currently the picture is finishing post-production and a release is expected in 2010.
Currently James and Black Bay Entertainment are in various stages of development and production on several projects.